Flagler College Honors Program Intern Spotlight

Maya Whitfield's headshot

Hello, my name is Maya Whitfield. I am currently a sophomore at Flagler College. I intend to graduate from Flagler with a degree in marketing and a minor in economics.

I chose to attend Flagler College because it was the school best suited for my values. I appreciate the tightly knit community that the college offers as well as their extremely attentive faculty and staff. Flagler truly offers a special and unique learning environment, as small class sizes allow fopersonalized engagementI also chose to attend Flagler because of the endless amount of opportunities the college has to offer, such as study abroad trips and diverse internship positions.

 I was immediately drawn to the Oral History: Surf Culture internship position because of its ties to the surf industry. I have worked at Wave Riding Vehicles a local surf shop in Virginia Beach for over three years now, and I plan to continue my career in the surf industry once I graduate.

My goal is to become either a buyer or a sales representative for a successful surf company such as Roxy or Billa Bong. I believe that this internship experience will help me gain some new perspective on the culture of the surf industry while also allowing me to practice new skills. I am truly fortunate for this opportunity and I look forward to contributing my efforts to help mold the St. Augustine Historical Society Surf Culture Museum