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Meet the Faces of St. Augustine’s Business Community

When coming to St. Augustine, travelers soon develop a personally curated list of their favorite bed-and-breakfast, tourist attraction, or restaurant; however, few probably know how the business’s history has contributed to forming the city’s identity. From the Fountain of Youth to the St. Francis Inn, locals and travelers alike enjoy all that St. Augustine has to offer, interweaving these businesses into the fabric of the community. The Heritage Business Membership is a gateway into the lives, legacies, and little-known stories of entrepreneurs who continually fuel the city’s economy and support the community.

For businesses over 50 years old, the Heritage Business Membership applies to an elite group of long-respected businesses. Of the approximately 17,000 businesses in St. Johns County, just over 100 qualify for this designation. These businesses have added unique chapters to St. Augustine’s history, offering new experiences and fascinating stories. This program highlights the important roles businesses have played in preserving, sharing, and creating the community’s history. By featuring oral histories and interviews, the Historical Society will preserve these histories. We invite you to meet the faces and experience the stories of St. Augustine’s business community.

St. Francis Inn

The St. Francis Inn is a historic bed and breakfast with quaint charm in the heart of St. Augustine.

Joe Finnegan, who owns the St. Francis Inn with his wife, Margaret, shares his experiences as an innkeeper and community leader. From renovation surprises to ghost stories, he records his journey of starting a downtown Bed-&-Breakfast in the historic Garcia-Dummett House. 

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Fountain of Youth

With its historical and archaeological legacy, the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park has inspired generations of St. Augustinians and visitors alike.

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Oldest Wooden School House

The Oldest Wooden School House is a unique Minorcan homestead that offers people the opportunity to experience an original American treasure.

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