Research Library Intern Spotlight – Dorina Henninger

Research Library Intern Spotlight - Dorina Henninger 2

Where are you from?

I am an exchange student from the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg in Germany and grew up close to Frankfurt, Germany. I chose to do a semester abroad at Flagler College to get a first-hand experience on what it is like to live in the US and to get to know the way college works here compared to back home. Since I am not a big city person, I like the fact that the college and town here are rather small. But as far as I can tell from the few months I spent here, St. Augustine still has the “American Feeling” even though there are many tourists and people from around the world like me.

What is your educational background?

In Wuerzburg I am enrolled in the Masters program Cultural Landscapes which is a really flexible program that allows me to freely choose my classes. As I am interested in regional and local history, I mainly do that. Back home that might mean taking a class on medieval castles or convents in Franconia and while here in Florida there are no such old structures, there still is local history like everywhere else in the world. Before choosing that Master, I did a voluntary year in historical monument preservation at the Haydau convent near Kassel in central Germany, after finishing my Bachelor degree in History with a minor in Archaeology at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany.

What parts of St. Augustine’s history interest you the most?

As I have learned from classes I took at Flagler College, the city of St. Augustine has always been a very diverse place where people from different cultural backgrounds came and lived together. I find it very interesting to learn about these people and see how they shaped and impacted the place we see today and more importantly how they and their stories are remembered and represented.

What projects are you working on at the Research Library?

For my internship at the Research Library I worked on their “Now and Then” project that features certain buildings in the city of St. Augustine and shows their history from the time they were built until today. It also talks a little about the people involved in the building’s history. I did the research on some buildings, digging through the files and pictures that are archived at the Library, and put together a text, also using media to illustrate it.

What made you decide to intern with the Research Library?

I enjoy working on a local history level and also like to make history available to the public. This is exactly what I was able to do here with the project I worked on. The texts I wrote will be made available here on the homepage, so this was a very fitting internship and I learned and really enjoyed it a lot!