Intern Spotlight: Avery Tyler

Intern Spotlight: Avery Tyler 2Today, we’d like to share the project Avery Tyler, one of our interns from the Flagler College Honors Program, worked on in Fall 2017. Avery is an English major from Deland, Florida. She assisted us develop an augmented reality component for a forthcoming exhibit, People and Places of St. Augustine.

Can you tell us about the project you started during Fall 2017?
 My job was to learn how to use the Aurasma app in a way in which visitors could learn more about the artworks they were looking at, as the physical exhibit space is very minimalistic; the placards on each piece of artwork list only basic information such as the artist, the name of the piece, and the medium. After initial struggles with the technology, the app turned out to be very useful for presenting this extra information as well as additional photographs. By the semester’s end, I have completed auras for the art in two of the three display rooms in the Tovar exhibit. Though there is still much to add, I have been able to start the project and set a foundation for future work with the app which will be taken over by another intern in the spring. I have also worked out all of the technology issues so that whomever continues the project will be able to do so as easily as possible.