A Day in the Life of an Intern: Meet Saylah Preston

Even over the summer, we have interns hard at work! We’d like to introduce you to  Saylah Preston.

A Day in the Life of an Intern: Meet Saylah Preston 1

What is your major?
Double major in History and Public History

Where are you from?
Lakeland, Florida

Why did you choose Flagler College?
I honestly chose to attend Flagler College because I felt like it was the perfect place for me. I love that the school is so small, so the professors seem to be focused on the personal goals of the students whereas at a larger school, every student is just another number. I also love the main building (Ponce) because there is so much history behind it. I also feel like I am living in a castle.

Can you tell us a little about your project for the summer?
For my internship project, I have the task of organizing the military vertical files. However, it is not just organizing them because I have to go through all of the folders and make sure everything is in the correct folders. If necessary, I have to create new folders. I have found a lot of manuscripts that should not be stored in the vertical files because they are too fragile, so I have to sort them properly.
Why did this internship appeal to you?
I wanted to do this internship because I would like to work in the field of archives in the future. My goal is to work in Washington D.C. at one the Smithsonian museums as an archivist.

What interesting items have you come across during your time in the archives? What makes this exciting to you?
I am extremely interested in military history, so the fact that I am able to work with the military collection is right up my alley. I enjoy researching WWII, so when I came across a chart with all of the different gases used during WWII, I was excited. Mr. Nawrocki was kind enough to allow me to make a photocopy. The chart lists all of the different gases used and what to do if someone comes into contact with them. I also came across wanted posters of German saboteurs during WWII which I found interesting .