A Day in the Life of an Intern: Alexander J. Klemm

A Day in the Life of an Intern: Alexander J. Klemm 1

We’d like to introduce you to Alexander J. Klemm, one of our interns from Flagler College Honors Program.

International Studies/History

Originally grew up in Strassburg/Kehl (border region of France and Germany), and moved to Miami, Fl when I was 10 years old.

Project Overview 
I am an intern for Cultural Heritage Social Media working with Jeanette Vigliotti; basically, I am responsible for researching, writing/designing, and then publishing the various posts you see on our pages.

I have chosen to make my personal research project on the Castillo de San Marcos (the Spanish fort), in part due to my interest in military history and how the Castillo played a vital role in the city’s past across the different nations that occupied it. Furthermore, the Castillo is the subject of my research paper for my American architecture class so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. 

Why did you choose Flagler College?
Mostly because of the city of St. Augustine; I love the small town feeling and history that surrounds us. Additionally, it is a small campus, which in my opinion facilitates learning.

Why did this internship appeal to you?
 Not only does an internship with the prestigious historical society look good on my resume and propel my professional opportunities, it is also something that seemed fun as I love history and learning as much as I can.