A Century Ago: Letters to Santa 1923

A Century Ago: Letters to Santa 1923 4

Letters originally published in the St. Augustine Evening Record, December 20, 1923
(spelling and punctuation are as published)


December 5, 1923

My Dear Santa:

I’m a little girl just four years old but I want to tell you what to bring me. Please bring me a doll carriage, a doll, a velocipede a little rocker, some paper dolls to cut out, a piano and don’t forget my mamma and daddy.

Your Little girl
Helen Bennett

P.S. Don’t forget the candy and fruit.


December 5, 1923

Dear Santa:

Please bring me a steam boat, a train, a cork gun and a big rubber ball, a bag of marbles, also some fruit and candy. I hope I haven’t asked for too much.

Your loving friend,
Albert Strickland, Jr.
33 Grove Ave.


December 8, 1923

My Dear Santa Claus:

I am a little girl seven years old. I have no mother but have a father, one brother ten years old, three sisters 12, 14, and 16. Papa says that you are poor this Christmas but I am not going to ask you for much. I would like a mama doll and some clothes.

Florence Triay


December 5, 1923

Dear Santa Claus:

I don’t want any baby toys, “cause I’m six years old now. So bring me an Industrial Blackboard, a Sandy andy, some good story books, a checker board and checkers a game and some candy, nuts and fruit. Bring little brother Robert some toys you think he will like, the littlest stocking will be his.

Don’t forget Mother, Dad, and grandfather and my little chum Buster Bilger with love,

Billy McGuire, JR.


December 5, 1923

Dear Santa Claus:

I am a little girl and I want a scooter and I want a Black Board and I want a pencil box, and anything that a little girl would like. Now Santa you do not need to bring me any dolls as I have two big mama dolls from last Christmas.

Your little girl
Sallie Burt Nuzum
10 Cincinnati Ave.

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December 5, 1923

Dear Santa Claus:

Will you please bring me an automobile express wagon, box of tools, pop gun, football, steam engine, moving picture machine, Sandy Andy, violin, paint set, sliding board, and toy telephone.

If you can’t bring all these toys, bring what you can. I love you so much. Hope you will remember all the little children.

Joe Disney, JR
72 Sanford St.


December 5, 1923

Dear Santa Claus:

I am a little girl four years old and I have too little sisters. Gertrude age too years and a little baby sister Almaree; she is not five months old yet and our dear mama was taken away from us four months ago so we don’t expect to have a very happy Christmas this year but our dear old Grandma says we are all such good little girls you oughter bring us something good so I will ask you to bring me my mama doll and a little bed, a stove and some pots and dishes and a little piano. You can bring Gertrude a mama doll a velocipede and some dishes and for the baby you can bring her any little thing to play with and you can bring anything else you have such as fruite, candy and nuts. By-by

I remain your loving little girl,

Eva Ponce
156 Cunningham Ave.

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